Recommendation Memorandum

In this paper, I would like to make a recommendation to the administrators of Midwood High School regarding their intention to purchase notebooks for their students. In particular, I can suggest that they should acquire laptops of MacBook Pro series manufactured by Apple since 2006.

This memorandum contains a careful evaluation of two products, namely MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Special attention is paid to their advantages and disadvantages, namely such aspects as price, performance, and functionality of these devices. It is possible to say that MacBook Pro can offer more opportunities to learners. Moreover, this laptop has a better price-quality ratio. In the following sections of the memorandum, this argument will be explained in more detail.

I. Background: The Choice of Technologies for Schools

The administrators of many schools want to adopt the most cutting-edge technologies in effort to facilitate students’ academic performance and improve their experiences. However, the problem is that it is often difficult to choose the product that will correspond to such criteria as good price-quality ratio, excellent functionality, design, and reliability.

Furthermore, one should distinguish between commercial information provided by manufacturers and accurate assessment of technological devices. So, very often schools fail to purchase laptops that really meet the educational needs of students. Thus, the problem has several dimensions. On the one hand, school administrators have to keep within budgetary constrains that are often very tight.

Yet, they also have to make sure that learners can acquire knowledge and skills. This is the issue that the administrators of Midwood High School should address. MacBook Pro seems to be the most optimal choice for this educational institution because this laptop is well-suited for various learning activities.

In particular, one can speak about tasks as searching information on the Internet, text editing, team communication in group projects, programming, and so forth (Kay and Sharon 362). Furthermore, when choosing a laptop, people should pay attention to such criteria as ease of use, speed, reliability, functionality, and certainly price.

II. Evaluation of two products: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

a) Technical specifications

In order to compare these laptops, one should focus on such technical specifications which are probably the most important evaluation criteria. There are several indicators that are closely related to performance. In particular, it is necessary to speak about the storage capacity of the hard-disk drive, memory, processor, and the dimensions of the display. These are the most important benchmarks. The following table presents the compararison of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air:

Product MacBook ProMacBook Air
Display 15,4 inches in diagonal13, 3 inches in diagonal
Processor 2.3. GHz quad core processor (Apple Inc. unpaged)1.8GHz dual-core processor (Apple Inc. unpaged).
Memory8 gigabytes of 1600 MHz DDR3 Memory.4 gigabytes of 1600 DDR3 memory (Apple Inc. unpaged)
Storage770 gigabytesFrom 129 to 256 gigabytes
USB Two USB portsTwo USB ports

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