Important experience that influenced my perspective

Two years ago, I was among a group of individuals who ventured into consultancy. Numerous challenges, most of them related to the start up contributed to delays in the launching of the organization. Since we had already invested a considerable amount of capital into the primary preparations, success was the only option. Since we were sure of success, most of us donated tuition fees, as we were well aware that revenues from the firm would enable us to revert to class.

Unfortunately, that was never meant to happen. We lost all our funds chasing the most important deal and failed to complete college due to lack of fees. Ultimately, we decided to revisit the idea, albeit with caution. First, we identified a niche market and built our capital base from reliable sources. Although we are ambitious, we are fully aware of our capabilities and realities.

Currently, I am quite aware of the difference between dreams and realities, what I can and cannot do. The primary reason for failure was the overestimation of our capabilities and abilities. Through attitude and authenticity, I have grown tremendously, both professionally and academically.

First, the failure offered me an opportunity to discover my capabilities and limitations. Awareness related to ability to handle risks, pressure and demands from multiple roles has been the most prominent blessing in my life. I no longer find it hard to turn down offers that I cannot fulfill and reporting failure is manageable. Although failures have slightly reduced over the years, I have accepted myself as a human being.

Second, I have work out the ability to regular training, which is I enjoy the most. Although I always expected to a behind-the-desk person, I am comfortable in front of people and I enjoy passing on information. Lastly, my attitude towards life has slightly changes. Although there is room for improvement, my focus is mostly directly towards living a full life.

I actually hope to live more that 100 years. However, due to circumstances, I am forced to live everyday as if it is my last day. However, if I was sure that I would live 100 years more, I would love to contribute to the elimination of non-literacy among the remotest and most neglected locations.

Education is the only source of socio-economic empowerment. Human beings live according to the law of survival of the fittest. Education helps people adapt to the modern world, be strong and active, enabling human beings to appreciate life and everything it has to offer. That is why I dream about improving literacy and education levels of all human beings..

I am awesome since I have a unique set of characteristics that make it possible for me to perceive things in a completely different way from others. Over the past year, the journey to self-realization has led me through challenges and successes that I thought impossible. As days been passing, I have realized that hard work is the easiest path to any desirable outcome.

Being unique at hard work has opened up my ability to benefit from the three A’s of awesome as outlined by Pasricha: Attitude, Authenticity and Awareness. Although it is possible that other human beings could come to similar outcomes if put to task, it is impossible to duplicate my contributions to the world. As a result, I am awesome because I have realized that the world would be different without my contribution, and better with it.

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